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October 8, 2008

Mission Guide

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This is what penguins recieved if they were Secret Agents. Below is the message decoded.

1. Talk to G, and when he is done talking, take the three gadgets he built that track down herbert.

2. Also take the inflated rubber duck, and the kite blueprint on the wall.

3. Then go to the Ski Lodge. Talk to the penguins. Find all of the missing checker pieces:

window sill
under the telephone
on the ladder

4. Go upstairs, and you will find more peices.

on the storage box
next to the lamp and box
next to the music recorder.
next to the type writer
next to the chimney

then give them to the penguins downstairs.

5. Pick up the string on the carpet.

6. Go to the forest and pick up the sticks in front of you.

7. Atatch the sticks to the kite blueprint, and then the string to that.

8. Go to the Ski Hill. Put the kite on the pole at the ski hill.

9. Go to the plaza and talk to the penguins, ask them if you could have some bubble gum.

10. Attatch the gum to the rubber duck and go to the dock, then talk to the penguin. Give the brown handle a pull, and then ask if you could borrow the pump.

11. Pump up the rubber duck with the air pump. Next attatch the kite to one of the tracking devices. Then go to the iceberg, and attatch the tracker to the rubber duck. Lastly, you put the duck in the water at the iceberg.

12. Then go to the mine shack and talk to Rory. Click on the mineshack, and move the wood so you can lean the metal to the left. After that say you would like another job, and fix the broken mine cart. Then put the last transmitter in the mine cart and your spy phone rings.

13. Go to the HQ, get the binoculars and go back to the ski lodge. click on the go fishing door, and use the spy binoculars, and you can see herbert.

14. Then you have to place the camera in a tree to the left, and watch at the HQ.

15. Then you are done, and you get the prizes.

in other news:


here is the sneak peek of the new play on friday. its a twisted version of Space Adventures.




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